Leave the Phone Alone is an awareness campaign that encourages Canadians to make a public pledge via the leave the Phone Alone website to avoid distractions while driving.

Organizations are invited to:

  • Promote
  • Use the Leave the Phone Alone logo
  • Contact CCMTA to identify, implement, disseminate and/or recommend tools and resources that would assist in creating greater awareness for Leave the Phone Alone.

CCMTA is responsible for the management of the website and oversight of the campaign. It complies with all privacy legislation when collecting personal information. Personal information collected through the pledge site is retained by CCMTA. Organizations may not include CCMTA in their materials without prior written approval.

Financial arrangements

There is no cost to participate in Leave the Phone Alone.  Promotion and use of the Leave the Phone Alone marketing materials is the responsibility of the participating organization.    

Intellectual Property

Any use of CCMTA Intellectual Property is subject to prior written approval of the CCMTA.

Further Information

For any questions regarding participation, or information on this site, please contact:


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